24Bit 192Khz

Easy Pro Audio



CD was Yesterday, Hi Res Streaming is Today


With the first CD 1977 the 16 Bit/44.1Khz was standard until today.

Ingenious for the Time with low Chip Speeds and Storage Possibilities.

Today in the Age of Hi Res Streaming is also with audio more in it.

24Bit / 192Khz Hi Res Audio offers four times the Bandwidth.

Quality that can be heard with good HiFi Devices and in the future also on the Smartphone.


The entire Audio World is changing.


With Acousta you are going to be Cost-Effective.

It is not only the maximum Sound Quality,

which makes Acousta the best tool for Hi Res Audio Productions,

ther are  small but decisive Details.



The Power consumption.


The Easy-Pro series is equipped with the latest high-speed low-power FPGA Chip, eliminating the need for Cooling or Air Conditioning.

The Component is fed via Acousta MML in the Cat5 Cable or a Plug-In Power Supply for Glass Fiber networking.

All Components work independently immediately

after they are plugged in.


So simple.


The Wiring from the XLR Modules, the I / O Modules up to the

256 Mix Matrix is ​​done via Standard

CAT5 Cable (up to 100m). Works immediately without Soldering, Configuring and Administering.



More Flexibility is not possible.

More Professional is not possible.

Faster is not possible.


Each Production is different.

Thanks to the Internet, more and more Production Parts

are being Outsourced.

Off Speakers deliver finished Streams from their Home Studio,

Musicians work together on the Internet.

In the Studio, there are once one Artists, the next time there are

one hundred Artists.

The Studio Hardware of the future must adapt quickly

to the new Situation.

The Acousta Easy-Pro-Series supports 100% of this flexibility.

With the same maximum Sound Quality.


Professionalism does not always

have to be expensive.


Cost Savings of up to 60% with the highest Quality and

Functionality are possible.

The Costs for a Hi Res Audio Studio are not just in

the Purchase of the Hardware.

Installation, Configuration, Administration, Reorganization and Ongoing Operation are all around more expensive than investing in Equipment.